for a commercial litigation matter involving alleged securities fraud;
for a slip and fall matter resulting in surgery;
for a commercial litigation matter involving a partnership dispute;
for a medical malpractice matter involving a bowel perforation during C-Section delivery;
for a slip and fall case resulting in elbow surgery;
for a car accident victim who sustained a knee injury resulting in surgery

Our attorneys have been called great litigators by not just our clients, but by our adversaries

We helped many satisfied clients meet their corporate legal needs of creating partnership agreements and negotiating commercial leases.

Our lawyers have obtained verdicts and negotiated million dollar settlements for our seriously injured clients.  Call us for a free evaluation of your case.

We can’t undo the mistakes which happen in medicine. But we can help ameliorate the damage mistakes cause by holding those who commit them accountable.

Leave the past behind. Start over. Our firm has helped many individuals and businesses get a fresh start through bankruptcy filings.

We have successfully represented our local and international clients in many different kinds of real estate transactions.

About Us

Karasik Law Group is a full service, boutique litigation law firm. Our attorneys are a dynamic force in any conference room, as well as the courtroom. Dedicated to strive for perfection, we have obtained successful verdicts and have  negotiated million dollar settlements for our clients in personal injury litigation, medial malpractice and business matters. We are proud of our commendable overall success rate in litigation across multiple disciplines of law.

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  • I have hired Karasik Law Group for several real estate transactions, both in the sale and purchase of properties. I am in the business of purchasing and flipping distressed real estate. Alex is highly knowledgeable in all facets of real estate, and this includes in depth knowledge of foreclosure law and distressed situations.

    Boris Demidov
  • I would like to recommend Alex and thank him for litigating a very complex situation in more then a few cases. He has handled shareholder dispute with outmost respect to all parties but at the same time protecting our interest to the fullest. He has great knowledge in negotiating business leases. He saved our business by negotiating a deal between the landlord the seller tenant and us which was a very difficult situation. He is firm confident and knowledgeable and has a tone of experience.

    Landlord – Tenant Seller – Buyers
  • I am a client of Karasik Law Group for about 3 years. KLG was recommended by my friends. Previously had several unpleasant experiences with 2 other attorneys I finally found right office. Karasik Law Group helped me with my home loan modification and saved my property from foreclosure and helped me with short sale of my other property in my time of hardship. He was excellent with my credit cards settlements. I am grateful to Alex Karasik and his stuff for their professionalism and personal attention that I got during past 3 years. I want to thank KLG for real help in hard times for me. I would highly recommend Karasik Law Group to all my friends and anyone without a heartbeat.
    Thank You.

    Sergey V
  • Thanks, Alex!

    I know Alex of 5 years. With all questions which arise at me, I address to Alex. There was no case that it wouldn’t help me. Council, protection of my rights and my property and many other things. I write this response in all sincerity and safely I can Alex Karasik were recommended to the friends and other people. Thanks, Alex, Julia and all to the staff of office.

    Igor D.